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Top Domain Name Strategies Revealed You finally got your brand launched, and sales are flowing in. I think you will agree with me when I say that building a brand and company that is profitable is a huge success. Your original domain and brand helped you achieve this success.  So, there is no need to upgrade or add additional domains as your business grows. Well maybe not... ... Read More
One of the greatest challenges to participating in the Crypto & Blockchain revolution is ACCESS. The #1 question we get asked by friends & clients alike who are looking to dabble in crypto currencies is: "How do I buy Bitcoin?" The market at this stage presents many hurdles to a new entrant such as security, transfer, purchase limits, withdrawal limits, privacy & many more bottlenecks ... Read More
Interested in discount tickets and a chance to win an exclusive hour-long coaching session with Andrew Rosener? ... Read More
Domains are just like real estate only online, right? Or are they? Well, it turns out that domain names are very different and much more important. Domains intersect with a brand on a much deeper level that leaps the value past the hard cost of the domain.  For example, the domain ... Read More
Getting ranked on the first page of Google for your search term is priceless. I think you will agree with me when I say that SEO is critical to any company’s success online. So then…SEO is King, right? Well, sort of…. If you understand these key elements of how your domain name impacts your branding and SEO you could increase your traffic by 40% or see 2x in your... Read More
(This is a long post however if you think you have a valuable domain well worth the read) Domain Valuation Fundamentals Explained. I think you will agree with me when I say: It can be VERY difficult to determine the correct domain valuation range for most domain names.  The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table when selling your domain. O... Read More
Follow these seven guidelines to avoid making critical mistakes in your domain and brand name selection. ... Read More
Proudly announce your domain acquisition. This past week the domain blogs were all telling the story on the acquisition and purchase price for This was a brilliant marketing tactic by the founder Noah Kagan. The acquisition of a premium domain is unique opportunity and window for a brand to gain viral pre... Read More
Domain names play a crucial role for the positioning your brand.  The digital age has allowed small companies to take the big guys head on.  Most websites now look very similar.  This is no longer a significant advantage. How a brand ranks against the competition impacts sales, conversion and growth potential. Our minds rank brands to help us create simplicity.  If y... Read More
Most startups seem to make this one crucial mistake with their domain name acquisition strategy. There are several stages of a startup from inception to the first investment round to even second and third rounds. While this article applies to all of these stages, we are specifically focusing on companies that have sales and have just gone thru their first round of receiving in... Read More
Companies risk millions of dollars in revenue and marketing investments when they rely on a third-party platform for their brand interaction. We see domains will become more important as the big brands (Google, FB, Youtube, etc..) clamp down and enforce restrictions on their sites. There has lately been a lot of talk in the news about fake news. Interestingly, I believe t... Read More
Three important digital trends that will drive the value of premium domains higher. Premium domain valuations will continue to increase in 2017. For most of the corporate world marketing plans and budgets are roughly in place for the next 12 months. Once again, we see several key themes and trends emerging for marketing and branding. The shift t... Read More
Media Options is announcing the launch of a new resource and book available at our website. For a limited time we are making available for download our new book “.Com Strategies." ... Read More
Online advertising, sales and usage statistics show why domain names will increase in value in 2017 and beyond. The internet has forever changed the way brands interact with their potential customers.  By 2020 digital advertising will surpass traditional advertising methods. As advertising dollars move to online platforms, companies will need to focus more on developing the... Read More
Use these seven guiding principles to acquire the perfect domain for your business. One of the best parts of working with Media Options is researching and speaking with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CMO’s and digital marketing managers.  A topic that frequently comes up is the role that domains play in branding and commercialization.  Often the first interaction that a new cu... Read More