Media Options is an industry-leading Premium Domain Name Broker. We are not a huge company, but we do huge things! Meet our team here. We consider ourselves a “boutique” brokerage service, catering to clients who demand a higher level of service and success than they will find with most of the other available premium domain broker options today. We have brought together a unique combination of talents and resources to utilize the power of online media and to help you realize the full potential of your domain names and business on the Internet.

With well into the 8 figures in completed domain name transactions for our clients, Media Options stands alone as the top independent domain broker in the industry! Media Options is a market maker – meaning we bring liquidity to an illiquid yet highly valuable asset class: Premium Domain Names.  We connect buyers and sellers all over the planet; from the USA to China, Germany to Malaysia; you name a country and we do business there.

Founded in 2005 by our now CEO, Andrew Rosener, Media Options has exploded and become the leader in domain sales of all types.  We offer liquidity to domain owners looking to sell their names quickly at wholesale prices both through our own acquisitions as well as through our domain name newsletter.  For our clients who own premium assets commanding premium prices we offer our premier End User Premium Domain Broker Service.

On the surface, Media Options may look like just another domain sales website, but don’t be mistaken! Think of Media Options as an extension of you or your business. At Media Options we offer personal service to both large and small domain owners and those of you who are just now realizing the power of generic domains and need help empowering your brand. We are fast, flexible and reliable and always keeping our eyes and ears open for new opportunities and partnerships.

Got domains which you know would be great for a “Main Street” business or other end user, but you don’t know how to approach them? Media Options is your solution. We take your domains direct to market and solicit them to the end users who can get the most value from these names and therefore pay a price, which makes sense for everyone.

Our Domain Newsletter (Domain Deals) is a tremendous asset for our clients who see the value in getting their domains in front of industry, marketing and advertising professionals who are ready to snatch up good deals when they see them. Thousands of people receive our targeted newsletter and our sell through rate is very high (on average we sell 10% – 20% of the domains listed in our newsletter). If we list your domain and it does not sell, we are happy to try again with a discounted price. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 times for someone to see a domain before they make the decision to buy it.

We have some of the top talent in the industry and we work hard to bring you the best Premium Domain Names in the market!

In addition to our premium domain broker services, Media Options also owns and operates its own portfolio of premium generic keyword domain names and acronyms.  Every years we take two or three of our domain names and develop them into stand alone websites and businesses.  For example, was recently (2013) developed into the most complete slang, internet slang, acronyms, abbreviations and internet slang dictionary.  Contact us to find out more about out these types of projects that Media Options is involved in.

“We came to terms rather quickly with Andrew and the communication was excellent. It was easily the smoothest domain transaction I have been involved with!”

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