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Andrew Rosener, CEO

andrew rosener premium domain brokerage

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who loves a challenge (he married a German!).  His success has been fueled by an average of 5-12 espressos per day. Andrew founded Media Options in 2009 as an independent domain broker and domain investor because he couldn’t stand the smell of fish anymore.  Today, Andrew is the CEO of Media Options.  With a strong background in sales and a thick skin, born of his days as a fish monger, Andrew built Media Options into the powerhouse broker it is today. His incredibly competitive and ambitious (read that as abrasive) personality is borderline inhuman.  Andrew has won and been nominated for many awards, including Domain Broker of the Year, Domain Name Hall of Fame & Domain Investor of the Year. One of Andrew’s colleagues once described him perfectly, saying “he just wanders around aimlessly and blindly making deals everywhere and with everyone."

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Andrew and his family moved to warm and sunny Panama in 2009 and have resided there since (sipping coconuts and working with a laptop from a surfboard). He considers his greatest accomplishment being able to build a lifestyle business that non only supports him and his family but that now supports an entire team of individuals that work from all over the World. Andrew enjoys traveling, music, cooking & eating!  As well as spearfishing, diving & sport fishing.



Chris Zuiker, Sales & Marketing

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Hi, I’m Chris Zuiker, a 17 year executive and veteran in sales & marketing with experience managing accounts over $100M in annual sales revenue.

Over the years I have seen many companies by default chose sub-par domains that devalued their brand and limited their conversion potential - many still are. It was evident however that large corporations who could hire branding experts understood the benefits a premium domain could offer.

That all changed when I discovered there is a way to leverage premium domain names; directly impacting conversion, leadership positioning, and SEO. I organized my findings into a quick and simple process that explains these same domain acquisition strategies and shows how companies can easily compete with the Fortune 100 players.

After putting these simple strategies into play, our clients have acquired category defining domains that have positioned their brands in a leadership position online, which leads to conversion and sales.