Media Options asked to broker Domain Name is up for sale and it’s priced to sell fast!

We are brokering a lot of premium domain names right now including,,,,,,,, & many more! However, one particular domain name stands out to me and that is

Most of us think of the sport/hobby of Hunting when we hear this domain, but what I think of is Job Hunt. I can’t think of a better brand for a career site or find a job site than It’s probably the most common expression we use when talking about finding a job: “job hunt”. Of course it is still a top tier brand for Hunting, fishing & Outdoors as well, but I just thought the Job Hunt angle was an interesting one that many people may not have thought of. It’s also a great name for Online Dating as well.

We have been asked to broker the domain name at only $185,000 which I believe is far below it’s value and a bargain to the company which buys it. I’m very interested to see who the final buyer will be!

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