Domain Acquisition Services

With our fingers on the pulse of the domain name market, there’s no better place to gain access to any & all domain names that are or could be for sale.

premium domain acquisitionDo you or your company want to purchase a domain name but you can’t get in contact with the owner?

domain acquisition valuationAre you new to the domain purchase process and need assistance or Price vs. Value Guidance?

stealth acquisition serviceDo you want to purchase a domain name privately so that the owner of the domain name does not know who the buyer is?

experienced domain brokerPerhaps you have not decided on which domain name to purchase yet and need some guidance on branding and name selection?

Media Options joins your team as the expert in the entire naming process.

We work closely with your marketing, IP, legal and/or creative teams to understand your needs and present targeted premium domain options using our proprietary and industry tools.

Whether you are a startup, upgrading, rebranding, looking for defensive acquisitions or expanding & globalization, we’ll integrate seamlessly with your team,  helping you acquire much more valuable assets for the same budget.

Media Options is your complete solution.

Access: We maintain the most comprehensive domain ownership and domain information database in the world, continuously tracking down and eliciting responses from domain name owners whom others could not find. With our tremendous relationships, knowledge and global reputation, we often present our clients with higher quality names that may not be publicly available, for the original acquisition budget. There’s no MLS for domains, but we know or will get to know virtually every piece of real estate, buyer and seller.

Confidentiality: Our stealth acquisitions allow you to stay anonymous while we use our domains and networks to get you the perfect domain of your choice. Throughout the negotiation process and over the course of the closing of the transaction, your identity will remain completely anonymous and private.

Cobrokerage: Our expansive network includes cobrokerage agreements with all domain marketplaces and domain brokers that we deem professional; that way you never pay a commission twice, and we can get you access to any domain on the planet.

Expertise: We have extensive experience purchasing domain names from individuals as well as large organizations & corporations. We also know how to turn domain owners into domain sellers. Domain name negotiations, and ultimately the transaction & transfer process, can be highly complicated and delicate. Many transactions fall apart at the finish line due to slow transaction processing or negligence in the due diligence process. Our experience and tried-and-true contracts ensure that your transaction closes successfully, with all parties walking away with a positive experience.


Domain Name Valuation & Guidance

Media Options and its CEO, Andrew Rosener, are globally regarded as the #1 expert in the domain name industry when it comes to domain name valuation and domain appraisals. A simple search on the web and you will find extensive interviews, public appearances, keynotes & other evidence of our expertise in the field of domain name value. Not only can we assist you in the acquisition of your domain name but we can provide guidance and set expectations regarding valuation and ultimately the price you will or should pay for the domain name you wish to acquire. Without such expertise, individuals and companies often pay far more than they should have or could have with the use of our Domain Acquisition Service. Let Media Options leverage its trusted reputation and extensive relationship network to help you acquire your domain name at the best possible price!

Terms & Fees

We are very flexible and easy to work with. Contact one of our senior domain name brokers now to assist you in acquiring the domain name you need. We guarantee you that our service is worth while and not only will we guarantee your success, but we will save you money!

Our Domain Name Acquisition Service is absolutely risk free. We only get paid if successful. Every acquisition is unique; while fees may vary, we always put forth 110% effort. We have a $500 minimum fee and we also cap our fee in order to maximize our value to our clients and ensure that they are able to get the domain name they want or need at the best possible price. Often times clients request a more incentivized approach and we have several options available for this type of service as well. Every client and every domain has a different set of needs; we will custom tailor our service and commission structure to fit your needs.; but no matter what, there is no upfront fees. Our goal is to best serve our client by delivery the domain they want at the absolute best price possible.

Domain Name Transfer & Transaction Process

Once we have reached an agreement for the purchase of your domain name we will expediently begin the transfer and transaction process. In most cases we will use our standard domain name purchase & sales contract to ensure that you acquire all right, title & interest in the domain name and any other associated intellectual property. Once both parties have signed the agreement (most often we sign as the buyer on your behalf) we will initiate an Escrow transaction using our trusted partner as escrow agent. We have concluded millions of dollars in transactions with and they are the single most trusted and reliable escrow agent there is. Upon review and acceptance of the terms at by both parties, we will submit payment directly to escrow agent. Once payment is received and approved, the seller will be notified to transfer the domain name and any other deliverables (website files, trademark forms, etc… if applicable). Money will not be released to Seller until we or you are in full control of the domain name.

All information and details of the purchase and transaction will be kept strictly confidential and the sale will NOT be published anywhere of public record.


Any and all information you provide to any employee of Media Options is treated as strictly confidential and will not be used or shared with any other party without express written consent from you, our client. We like to think of ourselves as your domain council or advisor and we have a “broker client priveledge” for any information you provide us.