Don’t overpay for your domain name.

No asset class has risen as much in value in the last 20 years as premium domain names. However, with little regulation or transparency in the industry, you can easily overpay or be unable to close a sale with a seller who may not be a domain industry expert either. 

You only have one chance to approach the buyer for the first time.

Premium domain sellers often

Media Options utilizes specific strategies to acquire domain names from different types of sellers.

We individually research each acquisition and utilize different strategies to extract domains from different types of premium domain owners. Whether there’s sentimental value attached to a 20 year old domain owned continuously by one party, or a competitor, a corporate asset that needs intensive but not aggressive followup to get through the chain, or a domain investor who needs an expert like Media Options to be realistic about today’s fair market value… We strategically think through how to approach an owner and turn them into a seller.

What if I don’t know what domain I can afford?

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