Domain Broker Services

MediaOptions is a truly unique domain broker that stands out head and shoulders above the rest for a number of reasons:

  • We specialize in only the best of the best domain names on the web.  We like to call it the top 2%.  The domain names which have inherent value because the words, phrases or acronyms represent semantic use in culture and commerce.
  • MediaOptions is a boutique domain broker.  We are highly selective and only take on a small number of domain names for outbound brokerage and marketing.  We seek to be the global matchmaker between the top companies  and the top domain names.
  • Our domain brokers have closed hundreds of millions of dollars in domain name sales under the MediaOptions banner over the decades of combined experience.  No other broker can say that.
  • Most domain brokers rely on inbound leads and inquiries to sell domain names.  We don’t wait around for the right buyer to come to us, we find the right buyer and educate them and expertly craft a narrative to drive a domain purchase decision.

Outbound Domain Broker Sales

MediaOptions’ Premium Domain Name Broker Service offers domain owners the highest level of professional outbound marketing that the domain name industry offers.  A true white-glove approach to the domain broker profession.

Our mission is simple:  “We seek to bring liquidity and education to an otherwise non-liquid domain market.”

The first step in our tried and true process is to identify the appropriate and qualified end users: real businesses and individuals who will get the most value from your Domain Name and therefore can pay you what they are worth.  Each domain is unique and comes with its own set of circumstances.  We have been in this business for a long time.  Since the beginning.  We know how to accommodate almost any circumstance and navigate accordingly through our sales & marketing process.

We don’t just send out mass emails like most so-called Domain Brokers; we pick up the phone and talk directly to decision makers. We leverage our network of relationships built over decades of combined experience and our trusted reputation and track record to get your domain names in front of the right buyers – the most qualified buyer with the highest and best use for your domain!

Our commission is a success fee.  That means you pay nothing unless we are successful.  Lucky for us (and you) we sell on average 80% of the domain names we take under exclusive domain broker agreement.  Our brokerage service is 15% of the final sale price with a minimum of $1,000. We require an exclusive brokerage agreement for all domains we represent, no exceptions.  We fundamentally believe that it is critical to present the market with a clear, concise & appropriate narrative around your domain.  A single voice, a single price and a single strategy is the great chance you have for a successful outcome in your premium domain name sale.  For most domain owners, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You own one domain name asset that may have the potential to change your life.  Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Domain Sales Newsletter

Domain names submitted and accepted for our newsletter marketing also require an exclusive agreement but may be limited to only 30 days.

Also, for a fee of $1,000.00 per domain per month you can automatically secure a spot not only in our next Newsletter issue, but also land premium real estate in the Featured Domains section on the homepage.

Domain Name Buy Service

In addition to outbound domain sales, MediaOptions specializes in assisting companies with 100% private or stealth domain name acquisitions.  Again, this is a white glove service provided by an expert domain broker dedicated to helping you or your company get the absolute best possible domain name for your business or purpose.

Our long  established relationships and proprietary database of past domain sales, price quotes & ownership shuffling with all of the large domain portfolio owners as well as our decades of expertise allow us to better identify hard to find domain owners, better negotiate based on the nuances of each domain owner (they can be weird sometimes!) and ultimately help our customers achieve their desired outcome.

What sets us apart?

  • We specialize in white glove outbound domain brokerage to end-user companies.  This means higher offers and profits for your premium domain.
  • We handle everything related to selling your domain so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Your domain will be marketed directly to decision makers which means a higher chance of selling and a better price.
  • No domain broker in the market today has the experience and track record of the MediaOptions team.
  • We are consistently the largest customer of in the domain name industry.  That means we are likely transacting more domain names in the aftermarket than anyone else.

Why choose Media Options?

Simply put, we believe strongly that MediaOptions is the best domain broker in the world.  Our track record speaks for itself.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in successful domain transactions for the World’s top companies, investors & startups.

We invented the most commonly accepted methodology (the “Rosener Equation“) for measuring Domain Name Value.  Our firm understanding of domain value and unparalleled domain name expertise allows us tremendous leverage to negotiate the best price for our customers; with integrity and discretion.

Keep in mind that picking the right domain broker the first time is critical, otherwise the market value of your premium domain name can be lost if relationships or value perception with potential buyers is damaged.

Our 180-Day Domain Brokerage Marketing Platform

When we broker a domain we pride ourselves in reaching out to qualified decision makers who are empowered to say “YES”.  This is the hardest part of doing outbound outreach.  Identifying the right decision maker makes all the difference.

Our 180-day marketing platform includes:

  • Emails that have been tested and proven to engage responses on over 100,000 contact points at tens of thousands of companies WORLDWIDE
  • Calls to decision makers
  • Inclusion in our newsletter – one of the largest in the industry
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Press releases (where appropriate)
  • Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…


Are you looking for a domain broker?  Need help buying or selling a premium domain name? CONTACT US NOW!