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Outsourcing Your Web Site Development Using Freelancers We talk often around here about making the most of your domain names.  Back in days past, we used to be able to park our domains and collect checks from the ad revenue.  While that still works for some key players, many domain names are not earning enough […] Read More »

A Domain is Worth a Thousand Words…

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Part I: For Startups & Entrepreneurs Every entrepreneur and startup knows the importance of appearing experienced and professional… Whether approaching a potential investor or reaching out to clients, when your company is just starting up, you try to present its image in the most meticulous fashion. Each contact can make or break the new business, […] Read More »

Buying Like it’s 1999!

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In the last 13 years there has never been a better opportunity to acquire premium domain names!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’ve been at this an awful long time and I can say that I’ve never seen so many premium generic domains coming to market.  There are a lot of factors at work, the […] Read More »

The Benefits of Collecting Domain Traffic Statistics

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If you made the choice to sell your home, your real estate agent would take photos of the property; research similar recent sales; make notes about its best qualities; and create an appealing listing for potential buyers. You would explain what it’s like to live in the neighborhood.  If it’s quiet, you’ll mention that, as […] Read More »

To Renew or Not To Renew…That Is The Question!

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Renew your domains, or let them expire…an age old question that affects every domain investor! How do you decide which domains to renew, and when? Do you have a plan in mind when you purchase the domain, or only when the third renewal notice is in your inbox? Do you make a quick decision at […] Read More »

Domain Value Appraisal Scam – Beware!

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Domain Appraisal Scam; oldest trick in the book… What do we normally do when we want to know the estimated value of an asset?  If it’s a home, we contact a property appraiser.  If it’s your car, you consult the Kelley Blue Book. A gemologist can appraise your grandmother’s jewelry.  But domain names don’t fall […] Read More »

Short Is Sweet – The value of short domain names

Media Options / Domain Names

The value of short domain names When it comes to the value of domain names, it’s not just short and sweet- short is sweet! Whether keeping it short with how many words, or keeping those words themselves short, a domain name is generally more valuable the shorter its length.  For the purposes of this discussion […] Read More »

How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for Domain Names

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One of the most common mistakes I see among domain investors who are just starting out, as well as small and medium size businesses trying to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (GAKT) to better understand keyword values is that they mistake BROAD SEARCH for EXACT MATCH SEARCH volume.  There is a huge difference!  Let […] Read More »

MediaOptions and ReviMedia Partner to Launch Premium Domain

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Newly launched website presents education & choices in the disability insurance industry Recently launched website showcases a quality business built on a premium domain property through a smart partnership between lead generation powerhouse ReviMedia and domain broker Media Options, combining ReviMedia’s lead gen experience with Media Options’ extensive knowledge of the domain market. […] Read More »

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