Three Reasons Domain Prices Are Going Up.

Chris Zuiker / Domain Names

Are-Domain-Prices-Going-Up-Chris Zuiker
The prices for quality domain names are rising. One of the common objections we receive in our outreach is that the market for domain names is dead. With the power of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram nobody needs a domain name. Domain prices should be falling, correct? Actually… It is the opposite. The value of quality […] Read More »

Avoid This Mistake When Selling Your Premium Domain

Chris Zuiker / Domain Names

So, you want to sell your PREMIUM domain and achieve top dollar for your investment? A domain auction seems like is a great way to go, right? What better way than having 5 to 10 interested companies all bidding for their chance to control your valuable domain name.  The time constraints along with competition might […] Read More »

Now offering Crypto Currency brokerage

Media Options / Company News

One of the greatest challenges to participating in the Crypto & Blockchain revolution is ACCESS. The #1 question we get asked by friends & clients alike who are looking to dabble in crypto currencies is: “How do I buy Bitcoin?” The market at this stage presents many hurdles to a new entrant such as security, […] Read More »

Domain Names Impact SEO (not just in the obvious way)

Chris Zuiker / Domain Names

Getting ranked on the first page of Google for your search term is priceless. I think you will agree with me when I say that SEO is critical to any company’s success online. So then…SEO is King, right? Well, sort of…. If you understand these key elements of how your domain name impacts your branding […] Read More »

Domain valuation explained by these 6 factors

Chris Zuiker / Domain Names

(This is a long post however if you think you have a valuable domain well worth the read) Domain Valuation Fundamentals Explained. I think you will agree with me when I say: It can be VERY difficult to determine the correct domain valuation range for most domain names.  The last thing you want to do […] Read More »

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