Location, Location, Location: Explaining How to Use Premium Domains as Premium Property

Tess Diaz / Domain Names , Startups

Location, Location, Location Explaining How to Use Premium Domains as Premium Property “Location, location, location…” Those three words instantly convey what entire books could expand upon. At this stage in consumer/market education, most of us immediately grasp these concepts without extended research or education in real estate investment. “Location” guides and overarches all real estate […] Read More »

Do’s and Don’t s of Premium Domain Acquisitions

Tess Diaz / Domain Names , Startups

Don’t make a unilateral decision: Domain names are multi-faceted digital assets. Consider a premium domain’s value to marketing (including SEO), legal (intellectual property), and finance (it’s a hard asset on the books!) Maximum ROI from a premium domain acquisition is created via teamwork, not unilaterally. Don’t make the common mistake of viewing “grow your own […] Read More »

Strategically Build your Corporate Domain Portfolio like Bill Belichick

Tess Diaz / Domain Names , Startups

Strategically Build your Corporate Domain Portfolio by Acquiring “Shelf Names.” The Patriots proactively strategized to have Malcolm Butler in their back pocket for SuperBowl XLIX: Do you have yours? Bill Belichick built his team, smart and strategic. Are you building your domain portfolio with similar attentiveness? Malcolm Butler, who caught the pivotal interception of SuperBowl […] Read More »

Media Options: State of the Nation

Andrew Rosener / Company News , Domain Names , gTLD

TLD.org has written on op-ed post about their speculation on the domain aftermarket; one that relied heavily on the actions of Media Options and our domain investment operations.  It was written without thought or comment from Media Options and was completely off base in interpreting our decisions and actions in the domain aftermarket and as […] Read More »

What a Glut of Premium Domains Means to your Business

Tess Diaz / Domain Names

Why to build a winning, intentional domain name strategy  My neighbor has 3 custom sports cars in his garage but rarely drives them. Does that mean they aren’t valuable? As brokers, we sometimes encounter pushback from companies who truly believe their current premium domain assets don’t have much value. “Our company already has premium domains, […] Read More »

How Multiple Domains Spell Revenue Multiples for your Business

Tess Diaz / Domain Names

Best practices for multiple domain registrations for medium and large businesses Google owns 23 of the top 100 Alexa ranked websites, plus tens of thousands of other domains. Your business may not have Google’s budget or reach, but should also own multiple domain names. Here’s why. Exact Match Domains or EMD’s are domains that match […] Read More »

Andrew Rosener receives Best Independent Broker Award

Media Options / Company News

Many thanks to all our clients who voted in the 2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards. Andrew Rosener, Media Options CEO, is honored to receive the Best Independent Broker Award. The award emphasizes these valuable traits: Timely, responsive communication Strong negotiation skills Ethical businesses practices Maintaining relationships with the decision makers in many industries Always representing the […] Read More »

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