Need an Expert Witness? You’re in the right place!

MediaOptions CEO, Andrew Rosener, is globally recognized as the #1 expert in domain name valuation and domain name market analysis.  MediaOptions has provided expert testimony privately to hundreds of companies and investors as well as in court testimony in civil law cases. As an experienced Expert Witness and fluent in English, German and Spanish, Mr. Rosener can testify in court or send reports to litigators as needed worldwide. Contact us to discuss details or get started.

Why hire an Expert Witness?

Our expert domain name testimony can be the difference between a win or loss. So far, our side has never lost (knock on wood!).

Domain names have risen in value more than any other asset class in the last 20 years, yet the industry is highly unregulated and can be opaque, especially to outsiders.  There is very little liquidity and very few people, even in the industry, understand value.  Leverage the most knowledgeable and respected industry professionals for your domain history report, pricing valuations, and more.