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offers a wide range of Domain Name Broker services to our customers, who include domain buyers, domain sellers and companies wishing to take their online presence and monetization to the next level.  Through our network of online media properties in various verticals, we also offer premium direct advertising opportunities to companies wishing to target our highly targeted audiences.

List of Services:


Our Premium Domain Brokerage Service offers domain owners a service greatly lacking in the industry. We take your premium domains and sell them to end users;  real businesses and individuals who will get the most value from your Premium Domains and therefore can pay you what they are worth. We don’t just send out mass emails like most so-called Domain Brokers, we pick up the phone and talk directly to decision makers. We leverage our network of relationships and our trusted reputation to get your domain names in front of the right buyers – the buyer with the highest and best use for your domain!

There are no upfront costs associated with this service, we only get paid when we succeed. Normal commission for our brokerage service is 15% of the final sale price with a minimum of $250. We require a minimum 14 day exclusive brokerage agreement for all domains submitted and accepted for our newsletter. Also, for a fee of  $50.00 per domain per month you can automatically secure a spot not only in our next Newsletter issue, but also land premium real estate in the Featured Domains section on the homepage.

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We are specialists in difficult domain name acquisitions. Through years of experience, negotiation & participation in millions of dollars of domain transactions we have honed our skills when it comes to tracking down, investigating & acquiring even the most difficult domain names. There is no job too tough for us, we have bought domain names for clients under some of the strangest and most high stress conditions you can imagine. Let us help you acquire the domain name you want or need. We got this! In fact, we are so confident that we can help you not only get your domain, but also save you money in the process, that we only get paid if we succeed.

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We don’t just acquire & market valuable digital assets. We open avenues for elevated options. We educate buyers, maximizing investment & exit options. We get deals done.

Media Options is a domain broker for Fortune 100 companies, serial entrepreneurs, VCs & accelerators. With unparalleled access to private portfolios, intimate knowledge of the domain market’s assets & fluctuations, plus tremendous negotiation expertise, we listen attentively. We balance your branding needs & budget to discreetly acquire the most powerful domain for your strategy. We protect value.

Our customized acquisitions & sales processes have been proven by over $1 billion USD in successfully closed negotiations. Let’s work together to amplify your media options! Download our whitepaper here.

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What kind of domain acquisition services does your team need?

  • Consultation. If desired, any acquisition contract includes consultation in identifying which domains may fit your needs. Or, you can hire us to simply consult on valuations or liquidity optioms for your current portfolio.

  • Individual Acquisition. Whether you’re buying one definite domain or you want to narrow down one out of a shortlist, we’re discreet, experienced negotiators.

  • Ongoing Acquisition Relationship. We’re available to work with you on a regular basis for your clients, your products, or your IP defense.

  • Retainer. We contract with you to be available for a certain transaction volume at a specific rate.

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This is not a service we offer to everyone, but a select few of our clients put their domain portfolio in our care. They entrust Media Options with managing their domains from start to finish. We make sure they are safe and sound and being utilized to the best of their ability and potential given the owners’ specified criteria. When renewal comes up, we renew. If domains seem to be under-performing, we make the necessary changes. Sometimes we even have to be brutally honest and tell our customers when it’s time to let one go, but of course they make the final decision. If you feel that your portfolio deserves our special attention, let us know.

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