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Media Options is now on YouTube with domain name insights and information.

Over the years we have done tons of videos on different platforms and conferences but did not have a central place for you to view them.

I know, we are a few years behind here.


You now have a place to get weekly domain name insights and highlights from the team.

If you did not make it to NamesCon 2018 you missed this classic and timeless panel on domain appraisals, valuations and selling.

Check out this video highlight with Andrew Rosener talking about why search is one of the most important factors in appraising and selling a domain name.

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Media Options is an industry leading domain broker and an authority on domain name values, domain appraisal and all other domain name brokerage services. We provide first class service to domain name owners wishing to sell their domain(s) as well as companies who require our private domain acquisition service.
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