Why simplicity is crucial to rebranding.

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Snapchat illustrates the power of rebranding Rebranding is a powerful strategy that can boost media exposure, help launch a new product and pull a company together to overcome new market challenges. Snapchat was in the news late last week as they rebranded their parent company to Snap.  Understanding the fundamentals of rebranding is crucial to […] Read More »

Magnify your marketing spend with a premium domain

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Media Options is now exclusively brokering the premium domain Plans.com Domains are the gateway to your online presence. Research suggests that first impressions are made in 1/10 of a second. Matching your domain to consumer intent at the moment a customer is searching increases your chance of conversion. Creating a lasting impression thru branding is […] Read More »

Is a Value Proposition part of your Marketing Strategy? To the consumer, Premium Domains say it all.

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Is a Value Proposition part of your Marketing Strategy? To the consumer, Premium Domains say it all. Premium domain names are not exclusively valuable as online, digital assets for SEO. They increase shelf wins and brand expansion, even for Consumer Packaged Goods in the retail space. In addition, premium domains can also resonate with consumers on […] Read More »

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