Trust Us. We elevate Domain Names As A Service™

As Broker of the Year for the last 4 years straight, Media Options provides clients with something different. We don’t just market your valuable assets. We protect their value. We educate targeted buyers. We get deals done.

Our customized sales process has been proven by billions of dollars in successfully closed negotiations.

We have mastered the process of presenting premium domain names in a way that elevates their value, educating the buyer & negotiating from a position of strength.

We know the end-user and how they think.  In fact, we have personal contacts at the top companies of almost every major vertical.  We only deal with decision makers who have the authority to say “yes.”

You have made decision to sell your domain.  Let Media Options maximize your profit by brokering your domain.

How is my domain promoted?

We research verticals & buyers specific to your domain, followed by outbound outreach to targeted decision-makers via phone, email, social media & more.

We create & send a custom pitch deck to the top 10 companies for your domain name.

We employ advertising & education-based marketing, often including LinkedIn, press release, our industry-leading newsletter, and blog.

How is Media Options different?

We personally present your domain to decision makers who are the perfect fit & buyer. At Media Options, we believe the key to attracting a buyer’s attention lies in educating buyers & creating vision for the target domain understanding Domain Names as a Service™. So when the timing is right, your domain is front of mind as the solution they need.

How do we start working together?

Contact us here today! While we are flexible, our standard contract includes:

  • 180 days exclusive marketing agreement
  • 15% commission
  • $1,250 upfront marketing contingency fee (goes against the commission when sold)
  • Realistic value range from the creator of the industry standard Rosener Equation™
  • Access to standard contracts
  • Additional visibility via 4 newsletter headlines in the #1 domain sales newsletter

You have a valuable asset. We sell Domain Names As A Service™