Discover a Startup Name Generator from your Domain Name Broker

Domain name brokers have exactly the tools to generate successful startup domain names, and they’re often free. Ask any Silicon Valley regular, and they learned what “portmanteau” or “onomatopoeia” meant during painful hours on an automated startup name generator that didn’t generate much more than frustration…

Professional naming companies for businesses can charge up to $80,000 per project, so many strapped startups have told us stories of resorting to hours of DIY clicking on a business name generator, name association exercises and even drinking in pursuit of domain name inspiration. I recently utilized the #1 startup name generator suggested by Google, with the assumption that of course the #1 Google result will have a respectable, powerful tool… and instead was playfully presented with “Mayonnaise.ME” as a proposal for branding my business. Disappointing to say the least… No wonder startups think there aren’t many options for professional domain acquisition!

Domain name search for startups can be sophisticated, insightful, and affordable.  Whether naming your business, product, or website, domain brokers utilize a unique set of skills and resources not available to the general public or even to many naming companies. There’s a reason for this: Think of domain brokers as name development consultants with an in depth perspective of the domain industry as well. Domain brokers have access to relationships and tools that are out of reach for marketing or name development consultants- because they usually build the tools themselves, in a market they know better than experts in other fields.

Brokers can also have more success in negotiating the terms for acquisition, including leasing and equity share. A broker can also add value, no matter what stage of funding, so we recommend educating yourself about  Startups Who Built on Premium Domains & Startups Who Didn’t.

Just like you can go to Match.com to find someone else already available on Match.com, and generate 100 potential matches made in algorithmic heaven, you can also utilize a startup name generator to find a domain name already listed for sale that robotically meets your branding requirements.  But there’s a better way!

An attentive broker will listen to your company’s needs and understand the value you need a domain name to unlock for it. A domain name broker will work closely with your team to understand budget, brand concept, positioning, naming association, and SEO needs.  You might be surprised at the level of professionalism and the broader range of company naming options a professional domain broker can offer. The services are often included in a domain name acquisition package: contact your domain name broker to learn more today!

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