Domain Appraisals for One Word Domains & Premium Domains

Who knows the current potential resale value of your home better than a real estate agent? is a fabulous automated tool for estimating your home value, but their automation doesn’t know if you have an upgraded gourmet kitchen or not. It is vital for many reasons, but it has its limitations.

In the same way, there are fantastic automated domain appraisal tools which should be utilized regularly. However, if you’re considering selling one word domains or other premium domains, a domain name broker will have the best ability to provide a domain appraisal.

Media Options has received extensive press for “The Rosener Equation” for valuing domain names. Our domain appraisal method is specifically for a premium generic .COM domain.

Any domain name appraisal will factor in search volume. CPC is relevant, along with the click through rate of those clicks…

A premium domain is unique, however, because of how it can make a brand statement and be an exact match to search keywords. Our domain appraisals involve a few underlying assumptions for these domains.

When selling to an end user for development, an exact match domain has the potential to become the first search result in every search engine. Utilizing a domain with your target keywords can minimize your SEO budget.

In addition, a one word or premium domain offers a significant brand opportunity and instant credibility.

We have plenty of other posts discussing these appraisal factors in full detail. Today we just wanted to highlight that the underlying assumptions and expectations in The Rosener Equation.

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