DX.com – SOLD!

We acquired DX.com in order to try our luck in the Daily Deal space which is so hot right now. We got a terrific development partner and with the help of Logo.com who did a knock up job with our Logo Design , we built a brand.

Our traffic was building steadily. Our Alexa rank quickly fell from 2.8 million down to 500,000. And then…we sold it.

DealExtreme.com, a company out of Hong Kong contacted us just shortly after launching DX.com. They made us an offer which we turned down. After negotiating for about 10 days, we finally settled on a price and decided to sell the site.

It was kind of sad to shut it down without giving it a real shot at growing into the next Groupon, but sometimes you just have to take what’s handed to you and move on to the next thing. So that’s what we did.

We’ve got a few more great projects on the horizon and we’ll keep you updated.

Thank you DealExtreme.com!!!

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