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Every day, thousands of domains expire.

Some are amazing one-word .coms. Some are long strings of numbers and text only a robot could love.

With this absolute firehose of expiring domains, you could spend hours and hours looking for gems just to be left with a pile common limestone (the worst of all sedimentary rocks).

But what if there was a list of domains that arrived to your inbox each week with the 20 or so most valuable domains at auction outlined and explained. This could cut hours of grueling work out of your week, allowing you to focus on more important matters, like growing your business or arguing about Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-a.

What Makes a Valuable Domain?

Some domains are of obvious value–a one-word dictionary .com–while others may define a profitable industry or concept. Other domains are less obviously valuable at first glance. Take the domain “” A decent brand, if a little long. It sold for just under $5k according to NameBio. Why? It has 846 referring domains from some heavy-hitting authority sites like BuzzFeed and, as well as some highly niche-relevant links from sites like,,, and

If you were looking to start a site in the highly-profitable DIY or Prepper/Survivalist niche, you could start with a newly-registered domain that has no history, no authority, and no relevancy. OR you could buy a domain with a bunch of authority, a long history as a live site with perfect relevancy, and start with a huge advantage from a ton of momentum.

The problem: these domains are not easy to find.

What Makes a Valuable Domain Newsletter?

Curation is so valuable because it borrows experience and buys you time.

If you wanted to match the expertise behind this newsletter, you’d need to spend 9 years making expensive mistakes, running two different agencies, and building and ranking just a stupid amount of websites to develop the SEO chops.

You’d need to spend an equal amount of time studying domains that sell, companies that fail, and becoming obsessed with what makes a good brand.

Finally, you’d need to sift through the expiring domain list literally everyday for the past four years, and give them a mental Joaquin-Phoenix-as-emperor-in-Gladiator thumbs up/thumbs down judgement.

My name is Sean Markey, and I’m an SEO expert with a special focus on domains and building well-branded (and well-ranking) websites.

In this newsletter, I don’t just provide a curated list of expiring domains with SEO authority and relevancy, but I explain why they are valuable, how they could be used, what kind of site you could build on it. It’s more than just a list, it’s a rationale behind the value.

Here, take a look at a sample email.

Listen to These Smart People Who Love Getting the Newsletter

Sean’s domain newsletter is one of the best in the game. Super timely and highly-curated, I look forward to it every week. My team and I go through his recommendations the minute we get it to see which domains make the most sense for us to acquire. If you’re not on this list, you’re missing out.

– Tommy Griffith, Founder ClickMinded, formerly SEO Manager of AirBNB and PayPal

This email is one of my absolute favorites each week. It saves me countless hours of searching, and to be honest Sean is an order of magnitude better at it than I could ever dream of. He lives and breathes finding these juicy domains. Can’t recommend this enough.

– Travis Jamison, Founder – Smash Digital

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F.A.Q. (a.k.a. thing we wanted you to know but couldn’t elegantly fit in to the above copy):

Q: What day of the week will this newsletter come out?
A: Every Tuesday!

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A: Yes! You’ll get the regular newsletter you know and love on Thursdays.

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